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This is the site where I found this PDF of this awesome reference sheet that I have copied and pasted into this post today. I thought that I would share this site with readers today because this teacher has REALLY taken the time to put together, one of the most resourceful sites, I have found to date.



has awesome resources that you should check out if you teach intermediate grades!!

 It has numerous downloadable math, reading, writing, language arts  activities, technology projects geared towards grades 3 through 6 and I would venture to say they could even be used in Middle School as well.

If you teach a primary grade- then I highly suggest that you check out her recommended “teacher sites” which will give you links to tons of Pre-K through 2nd grade, along with 3rd through 5th for those looking to check out other recommended websites.

There are also links for PARENTS, STUDENTS, and upcoming projects such as “How to build a website”… “Bulletin Board Ideas” and much more.  Check out her site and tell me what you think! If you have a site that you think is great… please let me know and I will highlight it here!

Here is the downloadable pdf for the Math Reference Sheet – 


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