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Developmental Studies Center

Developmental Studies Center is one of my MOST favorite (I’m not even sure I have the correct name for what they truly are…) “Family”/supportive curriculum programs ever. I have known and used products and programs from DevStu for years but here is how they differ from 99.9% of every other program and company out there. When you purchase a ‘product’ from DevStu; all these wonderful and supportive people begin to call you and ‘they’ feel like little tickles under your teacher wings; it’s like that feeling you have when you call a company and an actual person answers the phone. You get taken aback for a moment because we have all become accustomed to being nothing more than a number in this (what to me has become terrible) technological-computer based run, customer service industry!! It’s truly refreshing!!

 They are the support you need as an educator and strangely when you are waiting for it to come from your district and/or school (and it doesn’t) here it is from a place where you feel like you may be a stranger…but don’t fear it…accept it and embrace it…join it and become part of the family. (You’ll enjoy it as I have!) That is why I feel using the word “company” to describe DevStu is truly a disservice; companies are no longer resemble anything similar to this. Calling DevStu a company would underestimate what has been established, the relationships they create with educators, schools, and students; it would devalue what Developmental Studies is truly about.

They (the support team; whether you need assistance with Math, Writing, Reading, Vocabulary) are always there … no matter the time. If you are in need- swoop…they there are supporting your wings while your struggle/adjust; making sure you don’t fall or falter all the while guiding you until you are soaring again. 

Dev-Stu is not just a system but a family… The entire organization is true and devoted to what their mission states:  They want to see educators succeed because they know and have seen the results of this. When educators have the skills and tools to succeed; this will lead to student achievement. (If only we could take care of poverty issues too…but that’s a whole different subject…)

I have used many of their ‘programs (I really don’t like to call them programs…because that is not what they are…but for a lack of a better word…) I have never been paid to write for them… I’m speaking from the heart when I state that I believe in their materials, professional development; because they put time, research and effort into each one of them. It’s not simply about money making as a bottom line (and after being in education for so long- it’s very clear when a company wants your $ or wants to see you and your students succeed)…

I cannot tell you why DevStu is so different and why this is the case… Maybe the company was started by an educator looking for a better way (I don’t know the history of the company); but if you are looking for worthwhile valuable materials, programs, and tools that are research based…. Check them out. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. {If you are- I’d be very surprised and I’d truly want to know about it!!}

Here is a calendar of some FREE Upcoming Webinars I found that they are hosting, on a variety of topic… Please leave a comment to let me know if you’ve had experience with DevStu; good or bad—

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