February 16

Sneak Peek: New Discovery Education Tools/ Programs!!



Get a sneak-peek at Discovery Education material…before it’s released to anyone else!!

When…you ask??

Thursday, February 17

at 8:45 PM ET


Meet Jeff Corwin and his favorite fuzzy, furry, and wild friends! Learn about the programs your colleagues are using to increase/drive student achievement.  Learn about great engaging curriculum and programs that will have your children ‘awed’ into silence! There’s more too….

Puzzlemaker… Math Fun Games… Science Stories- Loads of great fun to be had!!

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Educator of 15 years, mother of 2 beautiful and bright girls and a wonderfully family! I love working with children, I am certified to teach elementary education k-6, ESE K-12, ESL K-12, my current interest is teaching reading through content areas, incorporating technology into classroom instruction, and infusing literature into mathematics block. I hold the following certifications and degrees: NBPTS (McGen), M.Ed, almost finished with Ed.Tech EdS- currently working on PhD in reading/curriculum and instruction...would love your input as to how you incorporate nonfiction texts into your literacy block!! Please share any ideas you have on how you use stations/centers to integrate science, math, and social studies into your classroom routine. Thanks for stopping by!

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