Plurk_badgeI just started using PLURK– very new to it and not sure what I’m doing but my friend Kevin Honeycutt… who is so smart, amazing with educational technology (and a MUST to follow) said I should try it out!!

When Kevin tells me to try something out….I usually listen!!! So here I am, I have not a friend in the PLURK– I can’t even find him there!!! Don’t think I’m going to give up though… I am a model of what I tell my students- PERSERVERENCE is key! Plus, I love a challenge and do like to learn new things, especially if I can find a way that it will have applications to the classroom!

Stay tuned…

(“don’t turn that dial”- most kids wouldn’t know what that meant in today’s world as there are no dials to turn- not on the radio and not even on the television!!!)….

…as I will post more information about PLURK and how to use it once I figure it out myself!! :0)

To follow Kevin Honeycutt– check out his Central page. This page contains all his current blogs, projects, and ongoing activities. (I think someone gave him a 48 hour day….??? Not fair!)

Plurk site:  (if you find me= friend me: EducatorsHelper!)

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