April 27

The Tempered Radical- (Story: “Skills Matter More than Tools”)

I’ve become a huge fan of “The Tempered Radical”- written by Bill Ferriter

(If I’m correct- His blog is part of the TLN: Teacher Leaders Network)

TLN- Teachers Leaders Network pic

His writings are very insightful and when he discusses education topics- he hits “the nail on the head”… and I haven’t seen him miss once- If you are not following his blog already- you should be! Here’s a link to it and the following article: http://bit.ly/eBgxzk

New Slide: Skills Matter More Than Tools

A few weeks ago, I wrote a bit that captured a good bit of attention titled Making Good Technology Choices.  In it, I argued that teachers need to check to see if the skills that they are spending time on in their classrooms pass the endurance-leverage-readiness test.

That’s a theme echoed throughout my technology book,Teaching the iGeneration—which was spotlighted on the Education Week website today.

Considering all of the positive mojo around the idea that skills are far more important than tools, I figured I’d whip up a slide that y’all could use in the work you’re doing to convince teachers to place their attention on good teaching instead of good technology.

Here it is.  Hope you can use it:

Essential outcomes Slide-pdf.

April 24

LOVE Chrome- apps!

I have found a new love- Google’s Chrome-


It’s fast, faster than any other web browser program out there- Unless someone has found something faster- I’ve tried them all- Safari, Firefox but I have to say that Chrome (for me) has been, by far, the fastest in all that it does! It’s also more than just a search engine… I am in love with all it’s APP features and their easy adaptability!! I keep finding new APPS or favorite programs that have become easy add-ons to my Chrome Main Page… My 5-year old can easily locate her favorite games- and barely needs help from me!! I really just think it rocks!!

And this is just an additional piece to what Google offers beyond APPS- There programs for educators is totally phenomenal!! If you are of the curious nature… (as I am) just ‘google’ something like… “google programs for teachers” or “google applications for teachers” and you will be amazed at what is out there and available for FREE!!!

Once you’ve found Google Apps that you like; if you are not sure how to use them= simple answer! Go to YouTube and look up it’s tutorial! I fall in love with the internet more and more each day because it makes my job easier! I hope that you will find the same for yourself.

Here’s a picture of my Google-Chrome Start page- with just a few of my favorite apps (displayed) and a simple click away!!

favorite Chrome apps

Hope you enjoy and if  you have some favorite APPS- share them here and we can start spreading the word!!