February 10

Pinterest- becoming popular


Check it out today!


I’m sure most of you have heard of Pinterest and are even familiar with Pinterest. For me, it began as a recommendation from a colleague at work. She mentioned that she had found some great lesson plans and resources on Pinterest; so I had to check it out! When I created an account, I truly couldn’t find much educational material (this was about 5 months ago.) Now things are different @ Pinterest.


I had created my account and a couple of boards that I thought would be useful for educators but had not yet populated those boards with materials. Once I received some emails stating that I had followers; I had to post some content. (Didn’t want to disappoint followers with no material to read!) So I began “pinning” materials onto my first board- which is called “Educational Tools for Educators.”


I will continue to pin materials and hope that you find my board and others on Pinterest useful. If you find boards that you love- please share them with me and I will post them here on this blog for others to read! If you have your own Pinterest board; please let me know and I will post it and follow you as well. I’m looking for educational resources- lesson plans, ed-tech tools, etc.


*Hope to cross paths with other Pinterest-ers soon!!

*I also hope you enjoy Pinterest and can find useful tools for your classroom today!

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Educator of 15 years, mother of 2 beautiful and bright girls and a wonderfully family! I love working with children, I am certified to teach elementary education k-6, ESE K-12, ESL K-12, my current interest is teaching reading through content areas, incorporating technology into classroom instruction, and infusing literature into mathematics block. I hold the following certifications and degrees: NBPTS (McGen), M.Ed, almost finished with Ed.Tech EdS- currently working on PhD in reading/curriculum and instruction...would love your input as to how you incorporate nonfiction texts into your literacy block!! Please share any ideas you have on how you use stations/centers to integrate science, math, and social studies into your classroom routine. Thanks for stopping by!

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