April 7

How to Guides…

Here’s how this post came about… Just to give  you some background information on “background information” and why you should start new lessons with it…

       (sidebar discussion #1: Educators give background information before beginning a new unit, or before reading a book with concepts that the teacher feels that some of the students may not be familiar with,  by sharing a personal story or by discussing something that may have happened to a friend- sometimes we may even have to make up a crazy story to peek student interest. Why? The purpose for this is to build a student’s knowledge base so that the students can connect any new knowledge to existing knowledge. Research has shown that when this is done prior to learning, RETENTION increases dramatically!!) 

NOOO- I’m not trying to boost your retention- I just wanted to share some knowledge with you- I also wanted to give you some history on my blog. This blog, although it may be NEW to you, it isn’t a technically a ‘new’ blog (it is NEW but not completely). I had a blog on blogspot and it was quite successful- in fact- I’m sure people who were following it are wondering where in the world I disappeared to… (“GUYS- I’m over here!!!!”) Well, unfortunately- One day, I posted a small contest for Read Across America Day–  I was going to give away 5 Dr. Seuss dolls and 5 books (one doll and book per entry)- the very next day I went to check to see what the entries were and I couldn’t access my blog! As a matter of fact- I STILL cannot access my BLOG!!! It has gotten some kind of virus…  how it happened- I haven’t a clue, maybe someone hacked into the account, not sure- but everytime I click on the site- it gets redirected to another website… Well, you can imagine my frustration!

Now… Here’s where I’m getting to the part where I show you where to find the “How to Guides”…. Since I’ve had to create a new site and transfer some of my posts here (still haven’t done all of that) and I continue to learn more and find out more information- I want to, of course, pass along the information to anyone who will ‘listen’ (in this case- read).  As I was looking for a FLAG COUNTER, I came upon this site which has AWESOME ‘how to’ resources on WEB-related programs, popular tech-gadgets, and other tech-toys that ‘some-of-us’ can’t live without…

             (sidebar discussion #2:  Why is it that there are some-of-us out there that must have some of those techy-gadgets and we learn how to use without using those amazing guides- is it that  we don’t bother to read the how-to guides??? Does that make us (or I’m just going to go ahead and say ME- Does that make ME-) like my husband when he goes ahead and puts things together without reading the instructions and then find out that there are too many pieces dreadfully left over!??  The guides are typically a resource giving you access to create remarkable projects!

So here’s the link… Now I can see why and where they came up with the name of the website- so I tell you -NO- Wait- I urge you- Reader- Go and make use of…. http://www.makeuseof.com/

March 28

Tools ‹ EducatorsHelper- tools and tips for todays teacher — Edublogs

EducatorsHelper- tools and tips for todays teacher — Edublogs.

Welcome to this website! I hope you find this place to be a useful spot for information to make your job easier! I’ve been a teacher for over 12 years and now that I’ve finally found a way to manage my day, a routine and a comfort level with my skills and techniques, I would like to be able to share whatever I can with anyone who wants to listen! I know that my first 5 years were difficult and the first year especially was pretty gruesome!! That’s why I decided to create this place, where teachers could look for helpful information- whether its literacy lesson plans or the latest research in literacy, mathematics hands-on lessons, books for integrating into the science and math block, great science lesson plans, behavior management plans and tips, to helpful hints for integrating technology… If you need specific information that you don’t see- JUST ASK!! If I don’t have the answer- I pretty sure I can direct you to the right source!!  Again… WELCOME!