July 5

Great Math Sites for Algebra!

Robert Fant has the GREATEST Math site and TECHNOLOGY integration site for teachers out there!! So- If you are a Middle or High School Math Teacher- This is the site  you will want to list as a FAVE- and if you are into integrating technology into instruction- you’re definitely going to want to bookmark it as a FAVORITE!!!  This site provides several tutorials on how to use Math and Tech programs and also provides student ‘work’ examples of how Mr. Fant has had his own students create projects using these tech-tools!!!  This site is a great tool for teachers and homeschoolers, as well as those who are in Staff Development who work with teachers on how to integrate technology into instruction.


The link above will take you directly to Robert Fant’s website… Stop back and leave a comment to tell me what you think… I think it’s awesome- Make sure to check out the powerpoints, projects, and other tech-related assessments his students have made!! They are great to show your class or to even use for assessments and implement in your own class!

If you have a Slideshare account- (which if you don’t- I highly recommend you sign up for one- they are completely FREE)- Robert Fant has some AMAZING Slideshows/slidecasts on various math and technology concepts that either you can use for your classroom or yourself!!



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