July 15

Google Image Swirl… Toy and Tool!

Google Image SwirlGoogle Image Swirl: a Fun Toy!

I think to be able to keep up with all the cool gadgets and programs that have become available out there, you really need to stop working or decide not to sleep!!

Recently, I came across this tool; Google Image Swirl- a really neat tool that can be used in so many different ways for classroom use. This tool can be used by teachers to spark interest for an upcoming topic or by students perhaps has part of an assessment tool or a research project.

I created a very fast one to try it out and see how easy it was to utilize….and it was super easy!! I’m excited to use this in my classroom for this coming school year! (One of the ideas that I will use it for is to introduce students to the places that I have visited around the world… as part as my “getting to know you” activities for the first week. I think I may even ask students to create one for themselves and share it with the class!)

Super simple use… You can either choose from the images that they have provide or type in a subject of your own. I typed in french bulldogs because although some people think unkindly of them because of their looks; I think they are OH- So cute and lovable!

My Google Image Swirl creation… a masterpiece… (not quite so…)


MORE IDEAS FOR THE CLASSROOM/ How can this be used in a classroom?

I could see this tool as being an engaging opening for a lesson on Social Studies, History, or Science. Teachers could model how to use Google Image Swirl and then children can work in groups or pairs and create projects. Students then write a sentence or paragraph (depending on their ability) to describe what their “swirl” represents. This tool is also seems like it would work wonders for your visual learners. Keep it in your teacher “toolbox” and pull it out every now and then to use!!

****If you have used this tool in your classroom or have other ideas on how it could be used… Please leave us a comment! We all learn by sharing with each other!

Here is the link to the site..


May 7


Truly consider joining- if you aren't already a member!

If you are an educator and aren’t a member of ISTE; you really should consider joining! (Here’s a tip on how to join for less than the regular membership price!) Since joining, I’ve learned and used so many resources, and my students have benefitted tremendously!

(I’m sure you are probably stating- “yeah right”…) I had tried signing up many times but on a teacher salary, I couldn’t really afford it but I realized that since I was also taking courses at a local university; that I could use the “student member” option. (At that time- 2 years ago, I believe the ‘student membership’ was about $60 and I’m sure it’s still around the same price!)

The reason I am sharing this with you is because it truly has changed the way I use and view technology AND how I integrate tech-projects into my 2nd grade classroom.

When I joined, I quickly looked through the Special Interest Groups and did not see one devoted to using technology to increase literacy achievement; therefore I decided to help start a SIG devoted to this topic. (this has now totally changed my life!!)

ISTE SigLiteracy is currently conducting a book study on Toys to Tools by Liz Kolb and I’ve learned so much about how to use cell phones in the classroom as a tool for learning. When my students conduct a project using cell phones, they truly get more out of this type of project than when we are in a “traditional” learning mode. I can only imagine how middle and high school students are just dying to use their cell phones in the classroom; and the author gives great advice as to how to control challenging behaviors that some teachers believe come with using cell phones in the classroom/instruction.

Here are some of the current tips that we’ve posted on our NING and WIKI-



The above link will take you to the page here there all kinds of tips on how to use FACEBOOK- in the classroom (elementary, middle, high, and college level.)

February 21




I wish I had come upon this site sooner than this morning at 5:00 a.m. but better late than never!  What a neat place to find all kinds of Web Tools and resources for integrating technology into the classroom!!

I’m still checking out EduTecher but I did join, which was free! I’m going to continue to check it out and report back, possibly even linking to what may be some great tutorials on resources to integrate or even lessons to implement immediately!  What I did not want to do was withhold information that you could start using today too… so here is the link to sign up for free….http://newedutecher.net/zkk15

Let me know what you think of EduTecher! If  you are already a member- please leave a comment… do you have a favorite EduTecher video, resource, link?? Leave a comment!