February 10

Pinterest- becoming popular


Check it out today!


I’m sure most of you have heard of Pinterest and are even familiar with Pinterest. For me, it began as a recommendation from a colleague at work. She mentioned that she had found some great lesson plans and resources on Pinterest; so I had to check it out! When I created an account, I truly couldn’t find much educational material (this was about 5 months ago.) Now things are different @ Pinterest.


I had created my account and a couple of boards that I thought would be useful for educators but had not yet populated those boards with materials. Once I received some emails stating that I had followers; I had to post some content. (Didn’t want to disappoint followers with no material to read!) So I began “pinning” materials onto my first board- which is called “Educational Tools for Educators.”


I will continue to pin materials and hope that you find my board and others on Pinterest useful. If you find boards that you love- please share them with me and I will post them here on this blog for others to read! If you have your own Pinterest board; please let me know and I will post it and follow you as well. I’m looking for educational resources- lesson plans, ed-tech tools, etc.


*Hope to cross paths with other Pinterest-ers soon!!

*I also hope you enjoy Pinterest and can find useful tools for your classroom today!

March 31

Science and Inquiry- Hands-on Lessons…

When I was a student, science wasn’t my favorite topic. Actually I HATED it!! It was boring, complicated, and I thought it was something I wasn’t really good at!! Mostly, it was a subject that was lectured by my teachers and then, guess what?? We got a worksheet to fill out!! I retained nothing of what I learned in elementary science. In elementary school I have absolutely NO memories of a teacher conducting hands-on experiments in any of my classes. That is something that disturbs me on many levels… the first being that perhaps I’m developing dementia.

Could it truly be possible that I do not remember anything from elementary school? That can’t be it!! I have other memories of my years in grades K-5th…like playing the recorder and the clarinet, dancing on stage (and getting ALL the steps wrong!!), reading books, writing, playing on the playground, and I can even remember where every classroom was located, the layout of the cafeteria, the clinic, and the courtyard! Which brings me to my second disturbing revelation… I could have been a doctor!! I thought I was never smart enough in science but that wasn’t it at all; it was due to a lack of exposure.

I hadn’t had the experiences that drew me in and sparked my curiosity (which later developed into a passion) by my teachers lecture style format to deliver the information. Had I experienced the process of INQUIRY and the use of hands-on ACTIVITIES, my life would be completely different today. 

 After I became a bit more “seasoned” as a classroom teacher, I made sure that I incorporated as many inquiry-based activities as possible. I don’t want to rob children of any experiences that will develop them into the future scientists and mathematicians that they may possibly be. I had written numerous grants to allow for the purchase of materials, I asked local businesses for donations, parents purchased lab coats and eye protection. Students would put on their lab coats and they truly felt like scientists- it is such a wonderful feeling to know you are changing the ways in which students see topics such as science and to have girls fascinated by insects, and looking through microscopes at the wing of a fly and not screaming “GROSS!” It’s pure joy and love!!

I know that I may not make tons of money and I never did become a doctor but the world does work out the way it should- because I’m fulfilled in my work and making a difference everyday! So even though I might have been cheated out of a great science education- at least it lead to a greater good in the end…. (a lesson learned!!)

 I will be posting some books that you can actually download and look at that have AWESOME Science activities, as well as links to sites that provide standards-based lessons! 

ONE MORE THING: If you are not a member of NSTA- National Science Teachers Association- I highly recommend that you become a member and support all your fellow colleagues. Joining NSTA was one of the best decisions I made as a teacher and I’ve been a member for many years!!     

Here’s the link if you would like more information on NSTA- just go to their website- a lot of their resources are free to teachers….NSTA

March 28

Tools ‹ EducatorsHelper- tools and tips for todays teacher — Edublogs

EducatorsHelper- tools and tips for todays teacher — Edublogs.

Welcome to this website! I hope you find this place to be a useful spot for information to make your job easier! I’ve been a teacher for over 12 years and now that I’ve finally found a way to manage my day, a routine and a comfort level with my skills and techniques, I would like to be able to share whatever I can with anyone who wants to listen! I know that my first 5 years were difficult and the first year especially was pretty gruesome!! That’s why I decided to create this place, where teachers could look for helpful information- whether its literacy lesson plans or the latest research in literacy, mathematics hands-on lessons, books for integrating into the science and math block, great science lesson plans, behavior management plans and tips, to helpful hints for integrating technology… If you need specific information that you don’t see- JUST ASK!! If I don’t have the answer- I pretty sure I can direct you to the right source!!  Again… WELCOME!