April 27

The Tempered Radical- (Story: “Skills Matter More than Tools”)

I’ve become a huge fan of “The Tempered Radical”- written by Bill Ferriter

(If I’m correct- His blog is part of the TLN: Teacher Leaders Network)

TLN- Teachers Leaders Network pic

His writings are very insightful and when he discusses education topics- he hits “the nail on the head”… and I haven’t seen him miss once- If you are not following his blog already- you should be! Here’s a link to it and the following article: http://bit.ly/eBgxzk

New Slide: Skills Matter More Than Tools

A few weeks ago, I wrote a bit that captured a good bit of attention titled Making Good Technology Choices.  In it, I argued that teachers need to check to see if the skills that they are spending time on in their classrooms pass the endurance-leverage-readiness test.

That’s a theme echoed throughout my technology book,Teaching the iGeneration—which was spotlighted on the Education Week website today.

Considering all of the positive mojo around the idea that skills are far more important than tools, I figured I’d whip up a slide that y’all could use in the work you’re doing to convince teachers to place their attention on good teaching instead of good technology.

Here it is.  Hope you can use it:

Essential outcomes Slide-pdf.

June 23

one of the GR8est MATH sites EVER!!!

Robert Fant has the GREATEST Math site and TECHNOLOGY integration site for teachers out there!! So- If you are a Middle or High School Math Teacher- This is the site  you will want to list as a FAVE- and if you are into integrating technology into instruction- you’re going to definitely want to list this as a FAVE and bookmark it under a few different lists… It has several tutorials and examples of student work- so if you are not sure how to use the example of tech that are listed… there are plenty of examples to show you how to use them in your classroom!!! Check it out today!!! You’ll definitely want to use it for this upcoming school year….


The link above will take you directly to Robert Fant’s website… Stop back and leave a comment to tell me what you think… I think it’s awesome- Make sure to check out the powerpoints, projects, and other tech-related assessments his students have made!! They are great to show your class or to even use for assessments and implement in your own class!

April 27

Preparing students with 21st century skills and learning

I’ve recenlty come across a great book called 21st Century Skills: Learning for Life in our times. Although I haven’t finished reading it yet, it is really interesting and presents some interesting concepts- which really made me re-think the “what” that I am teaching… When we consider the ‘jobs’ we are preparing our students for, and even the ‘world’ they will have when they are adults (and if you are an elementary teacher like me- it’s even more of a s-t-r-e-t-c-h when you think about those 2 things…) We really need to be teaching them how to think critically because those ‘jobs’ do not yet exist in our world… and their ‘world’ will surely be different when we consider how quickly technology changes and the influence it has on our lives. (At times- this can be a scary thought for me… )

21st century skillshttp://www.21stcenturyskillsbook.com/index.php This is the link to the authors website-The authors Bernie Trilling and Charles Fadel also have a blog; you’ll find the link on their website.

If you are a member of NEA – the National Educators Association- you can get the books for a discount through their website… http://www.nea.org/tools/37059.htm (here is the link to NEA’s post with information on the book and links to resources regarding the book and 21st century skills)

If you are interested in learning more about 21st century skills, there is a wonderful website called Partnership for 21st century skills- http://www.p21.org/ Educators can find resources here to increase students critical thinking, problem solving skills, and the four c’s the P21 believes students need to compete in the global economy.

Pearson Education also has a website for teachers and districts- click on the link for more information!  http://www.pearsonschool.com/index.cfm?locator=PSZhP4

If you have any of your favorites- Add them here- or email them to me! The more we can have here- the more resources that educators will have to add to their toolbox! Thanks!

March 31

STEM … resources!

Although technology integration has been a key topic of discussion among many educators, forums, and found within hundreds of blogs, the reality of what will happen, based upon the discussions in districts and ultimately what will evolve within classrooms for the upcoming school year (and future school years) is the movement and emphasis upon mathematics,  science, and the combination of both with the utilization of technology.

 Teachers will find that they will be required to spend more time focusing upon mathematics and science education because of it’s importance for every student’s future. Technology will be integrated among the study of math and science; those teachers who can do so will be sought after to lead the path for future educators.

 Due to this trend, I will be trying to locate, and post, as many useful (and research-based)  math and science links on this blog; hopefully making them easier for YOU to find (you’ll just have to check HERE!!). If you have some that you highly recommend- Please let me know and I can add them to the list.

 When… and if possible…. I will list whether the site is directed more toward elementary, secondary, and or higher education.

Again- Please send along those links that you highly recommend as well!!!