Some awesome new finds!!

I have been so busy lately that I haven’t had the time to post any messages but I even though I’m still extremely busy- I have to pass these latest “finds” across to anyone who comes across this website!!

First- I am a HUGE fan of Larry Ferlazzo’s website and he always puts out the “greatest lists” so if you are looking for something special… I would always check with his site first- and you MUST subscribe to his newsletter (if you don’t already!!)  (plus- he has a nice Italian name- and from one Italian to another- we know our stuff… They don’t say “all roads lead to Rome” for nothing!)

Another MUST- with LOADS of great Freebies- and wonderful e-books that can make your life a breeze (as an educator) is Laura Candler’s Classroom! She’s truly a gem! Another newsletter that I love popping into my ‘inbox’… If  you don’t subsribe to hers… I wouldn’t wait another second- Here’s the url for here website-

If you teach math, language arts, and pretty much any subject K-8- is amazing!!! I was just checking out their catalog and thought- hmm… let me go onto their website- WELL…. Let me tell you- I just downloaded the most adorable mini-posters- and they have TONS (and I mean over 20 pages of FREE) activities that  you can look through and quickly download the ones that you like. With an easy tool for limiting your search, you can find the perfect activity within seconds!! I’m so happy I found this site- tell me what you think when you check it out!

Card/Board Games– this site is awesome- find a card or a board game tailored to any topic your looking for- (I don’t know how I found it but here it is…) glad I came upon it because it’s got some GR8 Math card games- I’m already going to try one out with my class this week! I hope it goes well… wish me luck!

I hope you enjoy the “New Finds” I’ve passed along to you… Please make sure you share some great finds here as well! Thanks for stopping by!

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