Truly consider joining- if you aren't already a member!

If you are an educator and aren’t a member of ISTE; you really should consider joining! (Here’s a tip on how to join for less than the regular membership price!) Since joining, I’ve learned and used so many resources, and my students have benefitted tremendously!

(I’m sure you are probably stating- “yeah right”…) I had tried signing up many times but on a teacher salary, I couldn’t really afford it but I realized that since I was also taking courses at a local university; that I could use the “student member” option. (At that time- 2 years ago, I believe the ‘student membership’ was about $60 and I’m sure it’s still around the same price!)

The reason I am sharing this with you is because it truly has changed the way I use and view technology AND how I integrate tech-projects into my 2nd grade classroom.

When I joined, I quickly looked through the Special Interest Groups and did not see one devoted to using technology to increase literacy achievement; therefore I decided to help start a SIG devoted to this topic. (this has now totally changed my life!!)

ISTE SigLiteracy is currently conducting a book study on Toys to Tools by Liz Kolb and I’ve learned so much about how to use cell phones in the classroom as a tool for learning. When my students conduct a project using cell phones, they truly get more out of this type of project than when we are in a “traditional” learning mode. I can only imagine how middle and high school students are just dying to use their cell phones in the classroom; and the author gives great advice as to how to control challenging behaviors that some teachers believe come with using cell phones in the classroom/instruction.

Here are some of the current tips that we’ve posted on our NING and WIKI-

The above link will take you to the page here there all kinds of tips on how to use FACEBOOK- in the classroom (elementary, middle, high, and college level.)

2 thoughts on “ISTE-SIGLiteracy

  1. thank you for your practical bits of information about using these new technologies, am an EFL middle school teacher

  2. I’m so glad you find them useful! Check out my page on ESL/ESOL page to find links that might help you! I’m hoping/assuming that EFL is another acronym for the same…
    Let me know what you think!!

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