POPPLET- Fun and Easy!

What is Popplet?

Popplet is a tool that allows students and teachers to make ideas and information visible!  This “graphic organizer” tool allows teachers and students to create graphic organizers, concept webs, thinking maps, timelines, and visually organize many types of ideas and infromation.  According to their webiste; “Popplet’s strength as a collaborative brainstorming tool, however, should not lead teachers to overlook its usefulness as an effective presentation tool.”

Much of the research has shown the power of graphic organizers when used with students identified as ELL/ESL as well as students with specific learning disabilities. The true power in their use it that these tools help ALL students to learn. Graphic organizers provide a visual display of relationships between main ideas and details, relationships between concepts, and help students to organize and comprehend new material.

Teachers understand the power of visuals and graphic organizers. They use them to increase student engagement by allowing students to participate and contribute to the learning that occurs in the classroom. These tools facilitate cogntive processes by allowing students to represent learning and information in a visual way and improve comprehension and retention of material.

For those of  you wanting more information on the use of graphic organizers, check out links below.

To best explain how you can use Popplet in the classroom, I created a Popplet! (I’m so original…) These are just a few ideas on how you can begin to use this free tool within your classroom.

To create a popplet, follow these simple directions:

1- Go to the website POPPLET  

2- Click “Try it out”

3- A new Popplet board will appear with simple step by step directions to follow (looks like this… )

4- Click and Begin!

…Students can create their own account and Popplet allows students to share their creations with others (and teacher) by simply clicking the share button. This will provide them with a link that can be uploaded into an existing assignment or sent via email (or inserted into a Canvas assignment).

The benefits of using Popplet are…

  • More engagment than pencil and paper graphic organizers.
  • Allows students to insert pictures to match text
  • Easy and fun to use. You won’t have to spend much time on teaching the tool and students should quickly pick up on the ‘how’ of using Popplet!

Enjoy! Send some of your own Popplets my way and I’ll post them here!



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