Here are some wonderful links for Teachers working with ELL students!!! Also- I will be posting some great blogs to follow for ELL teachers too. I know that multiple terms are used for referring to English Language Learners (having been one myself as a young child- and not having any services back then- wasn’t a pleasant experience that’s for sure…) but for the sake of making sure you know what I am referring to- I will continue to use ELL when talking about ESOL- English for Speakers of other languages, TESOL (teachers of those just mentioned…), LEP (limited english profiency, and all other terms for students who are speakers of other languages.

Dual language programs are a bit different- as students are instructed in both languages (native tongue and English) so I will make sure to denote when I am referring to a Dual Language link, lesson, or blog.

If you have a great resource that you would like to share- please let me know! Add it on and share with others!!

The following is not a link to a website but actually an ELL guide to working with ELL students- it is a great resource- I have given it to pre-service teachers taking courses and preparing to work with students, those just learning what strategies and modifications work with ELL students, and any teachers who just need a refresher or a visual reminder of which strategies work best with our ELL students… it is a great resource. If you have any that you would like to share- I’m always open to posting other resources! Remember- it is a pdf. so it will download to your computer-if you want to have it (and you will)- remember to save it!

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