MATHEMATICS is a great site for all math educators. Find all types of tools, resources, lesson ideas on teaching math…and just like the creator of the site states- it’s not about making the teaching and understanding of math easier but finding ways to help students to truly understand concepts and creating meaning through the use of a variety of tools and resources!


Math Games to use in your classroom,

with your students or with your own children!

Flash Tetris– Play Tetris or use it in your classroom to increase students ability to work with flips, slides, and turn. Helps with Geometry, visualization skills, as you play you give your brain more work to do, as it creatively manipulates pieces to fit together

One study conducted by the Mind Research Network, found an increase in brain function- information about this study can be found here. If anyone has more information about this- I’d like to hear more about it!! I’m very interested in Brain Research, but as I read the study conducted by the Mind Research Network- I did find that the study was funded in part by the makers of Tetris, however I do believe it to be true that some games do increase brain activitiy and help to ward off the mental decline that occurs with aging.

Play more games at

The following is a link to a post regarding some GREAT resources for math teachers, some wonderful links to Algebra resources, a great Slideshow- created by Robert Fant, on Inequalities, and an additional link to a tech-resource that noone should be without !!

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