INFORMAL Running Reading Records

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Want to have a quick view into whether a student is increasing or decreasing, according to their “Guided/Instructional/Independent” Reading Range but don’t have the time or don’t need to use a formal Running Reading Record. Why not use an Informal one? There are all types of Informal RRR’s and not only are they very simple to use in your classroom, they are very effective at giving you an accurate assessment into the student’s world of reading.

Here are a few links and also a downloadable guide from ASCD which you can begin to use immediately in your classroom. The greatest thing about the downloadable Informal RRR is that you can use them with any book you have in your classroom; no special materials or purchase is required!!

Informal running reading records Downloadable Informal Running Reading Record Tool



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If  you have Informal RRR’s of your own that you use- please leave us a comment and a link back to your website or a place where we can find them.  All help with the increasing of literacy is always appreciated!!

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